This monograph describes some approaches to the nonlinear theory of plates and shells. By nonclassical approaches we mean the desciption of problems with mathematical models of different sizes (two-and three-dimensional dif ferential equations) and different types (differential equations of hyperbolic and parabolic type in the spatial coordinates). The nonlinearities investigated are also of various categories: geometrical, physical, elasto-plastic, and peri odic. Creating such types of mathematical models and their detailed justifica tion allows us to achieve the most accurate description of the real behaviour of shell-type structures. These models allow us to include interaction between the strain and temperature fields and coupling between the displacement field and the external influence of a transonic gas flow. The mathematical treatment of such models helps us greatly in obtaining reliable results by numerical computation. It appears that the most dangerous situation for thin shallow shells is the conjunction of a static load with dynamic interactions. Such combined loads very often cause buckling of shell structures, and in many cases a series of bucklings, which can cause fracture. The failure of a structure usually needs a small amount of time. Therefore the lifetime of a shell structure depends strongly on nonelastic deflections and it is important to mathematically model shell structures as precisely as possible. This monograph is one of several devoted to this subject. Now we shall briefly describe the contents of the book. Note that not all of the results presented here have been published in textbook format.

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